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Category > Jewelry > Necklaces

Seed Necklaces
Seed Necklaces (necj)
Necklaces made of tropical seeds
Price $1.85
Fish Bones Necklaces
Fish Bones Necklaces (fibo)
Necklaces made of fish bones
Price $1.75
Animal Necklaces
Animal Necklaces (cotg)
Necklaces made of tagua with animals
Price $3.05
Color Multistrands Necklace
Color Multistrands Necklace (nes01)
Necklaces made with 10 color strands
Price $1.85
Tagua Necklaces
Tagua Necklaces (neta)
Necklaces made of tagua, or vegetal ivory. Good variety of different models and colors
Price $7.95
Tagua nut necklaces
Tagua nut necklaces (ecxo)
Handmade tagua nut necklaces, different colors
Price $10.25
Tagua necklaces
Tagua necklaces (ecfv)
Tagua necklaces, handcarved jewellery
Price $9.75
Colored tagua necklaces
Colored tagua necklaces (ecxo06)
Handmade tagua necklaces of different colors
Price $7.95
Two-line Seed Necklaces
Two-line Seed Necklaces (twne)
Necklaces made of tropical seeds
Price $2.20
Ceramic pendants
Ceramic pendants (ecuq)
Ceramic pendants handmade in Valle de Chota in Ecuador
Price $7.75