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Handmade jewelry beads, colored beads, tagua nut and seed beads.

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Small tagua beads
Small tagua beads (ecvy27)
Small colored tagua nut beads.
Price $0.08
Amount: (max 11)
Price of 6 is: $ 0.48

Round Tagua Pieces
Round Tagua Pieces (ecvy20)
Colored round tagua pieces for jewelry making
Price $0.15
Amount: (max 10)
Price of 10 is: $ 1.5

Natural Tagua Pieces
Natural Tagua Pieces (ecvy22)
Natural color tagua nut pieces with two holes
Price $0.25
Amount: (max 10)
Price of 10 is: $ 2.5

Bamboo pieces
Bamboo pieces (ecxb)
Pieces of bamboo for jewelry making, price for bag
Price $2
Amount: (max 1)
Price of 1 is: $ 2

Tagua colored beads
Tagua colored beads (ecvy25)
Tagua nut handmade beads, size 2-2.5cm
Price $0.12
Amount: (max 13)
Price of 6 is: $ 0.72