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Handmade jewelry beads, colored beads, tagua nut and seed beads.

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Colored Tagua Pieces
Colored Tagua Pieces (ecvy21)
Colored pieces hand carved of tagua nut, 1.5-2.5cm
Price $0.38
Tagua Pieces
Tagua Pieces (ecvy01)
Colored tagua pieces for jewelry making
Price $0.38
Tagua Pieces
Tagua Pieces (ecvy02)
Thick tagua nut petals with natural tagua skin
Price $0.47
Tagua Pieces
Tagua Pieces (ecvy03)
Tagua pieces for jewe4lry making, different colors
Price $0.25
Tagua Petals
Tagua Petals (ecvy10)
Colored tagua nut petals, size 4cm
Price $0.42
Tagua Pieces
Tagua Pieces (ecvy05)
Tagua nut pieces of different colors
Price $1.25
Small tagua beads
Small tagua beads (ecvy27)
Small colored tagua nut beads.
Price $0.15
Colored Tagua Nuts
Colored Tagua Nuts (ecvy14)
Colored tagua nuts perforated
Price $0.38
Round Tagua Pieces
Round Tagua Pieces (ecvy09)
Tagua pieces of round shape, different colors
Price $0.38
Tagua nut beads
Tagua nut beads (ecvy26)
Jewelry beads hand carved of tagua nut
Price $0.25