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Material > Metal

Copper bracelet
Copper bracelet (mind04)
Bracelet handmade of copper
Price $6
Alpaca bracelet with stone
Alpaca bracelet with stone (mind10)
Handmade alpaca bracelet with stone
Price $8
Alpaca earrings
Alpaca earrings (mind11)
Alpaca metal handmade earrings with stones
Price $6
Bronze bracelet
Bronze bracelet (mind05)
Bracelet handmade of bronze
Price $6
Incense holders
Incense holders (prao)
Metal incense holders handmade in style of insects
Price $7
Alpaca bracelet
Alpaca bracelet (mind14)
Handmade alpaca bracelet
Price $6
Copper necklace
Copper necklace (mind08)
Handmade metal necklace of copper and stone
Price $8
Alpaca necklace
Alpaca necklace (mind09)
Alpaca necklace with stone
Price $8
Wooden necklace
Wooden necklace (mind12)
Handmade wooden necklace
Price $8