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Natural color earrings
Natural color earrings (ecvn15)
Tagua nut drop earrings of natural color
Price $1.53
Child socks
Child socks (ectm)
Soft alpaca socks for children
Price $2.75
Tagua earrings
Tagua earrings (ecqs)
Handmade tagua nut earrings, colored models, hand crafted in Ecuador
Price $1.87
Bird on the nest
Bird on the nest (ecqm)
Bird on the nest, size 12x4x10 cm and 12x6x7 cm.
Price $9.38
Tagua nut earrings
Tagua nut earrings (ecqr)
Tagua nut earrings, hand crafted, colored, the same models you see on photo.
Price $1.87
Knives (ecnz)
Dagas knives, hand carved of jade stone, length 27 cm
Price $20
Leather vases
Leather vases (ecja)
Leather vases with two pieces of dice each one
Price $5
Ceramic pictures
Ceramic pictures (echv)
Ceramic pictures with different images.
Price $3.50
Tribal dolls
Tribal dolls (ecgo)
Tribal dolls, handmade
Price $10
Tagua necklaces
Tagua necklaces (ecfu)
Tagua necklaces, hand carved jewelry
Price $9.25