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Book decor and writing instruments, souvenirs, pens, pencils

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Balsa wood pens
Balsa wood pens (ecop)
Balsa wood pens, design of different animals
Price $2
Balsa pens
Balsa pens (ecov)
Balsa wood colored pens, different models
Price $2
10 pens of different colors
10 pens of different colors (kabg)
Lot 10 pens of different colors with ethnic drawings
Price $4.50
Color Pens
Color Pens (pec)
Color pens made of duropox
Price $1.22
10 small color pens
10 small color pens (kasm)
Lot 10 small color pens with tropical pictures
Price $4
Tropical pencils
Tropical pencils (ecae)
Tropical pencils, with different designs
Price $5
Notepad (ecnu)
Notepad of jade stone with carved sun, size 13 cm
Price $20
Leather Book Marks
Leather Book Marks (ecvc)
Book marks made of leather with ethnic Ecuadorian paintings
Price $2.50