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Color Tagua Earrings
Color Tagua Earrings (tacoe)
Earrings made of tagua, or vegetal ivory
Price $1.12
Amount: (max 686)
Price of 10 is: $ 11.2

Seeds and Coco Earrings
Seeds and Coco Earrings (ears)
Earrings made from seeds of tropical plants, bamboo and coconuts
Price $1.51
Amount: (max 387)
Price of 7 is: $ 10.57

Tagua Earrings
Tagua Earrings (tag)
Tagua earrings with animal figurines
Price $2.50
Amount: (max 666)
Price of 5 is: $ 12.5

Seed Earrings
Seed Earrings (earjn)
Earrings made of seeds from tropical rainforest
Price $1.95
Amount: (max 145)
Price of 5 is: $ 9.75

Small horsehair earrings
Small horsehair earrings (ecvo)
Colored horsehair round earrings of different models
Price $2.25
Amount: (max 12)
Price of 6 is: $ 13.5

Colored triangle earrings
Colored triangle earrings (ecvn11)
Colored triangle pieces earrings handmade of tagua nut
Price $1.35
Amount: (max 42)
Price of 6 is: $ 8.1

Butterflies earrings
Butterflies earrings (ecvq)
Colorful horsehair earrings hand woven in style of butterflies
Price $3.75
Amount: (max 10)
Price of 6 is: $ 22.5

Horsehair earrings
Horsehair earrings (ecvs)
Natural horsehair earrings made in style of fans
Price $3.75
Amount: (max 3)
Price of 3 is: $ 11.25

Round earrings
Round earrings (ecxk)
Hand woven horse hair earrings. Ecuadorian art.
Price $4.25
Amount: (max 6)
Price of 6 is: $ 25.5

Horsehair round earrings
Horsehair round earrings (ecxi)
Colored round earrings hand woven of horsehair
Price $3.75
Amount: (max 2)
Price of 2 is: $ 7.5