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Color Tagua Earrings
Color Tagua Earrings (tacoe)
Earrings made of tagua, or vegetal ivory
Price $1.65
Seeds and Coco Earrings
Seeds and Coco Earrings (ears)
Earrings made from seeds of tropical plants, bamboo and coconuts
Price $1.51
Tagua nut earrings
Tagua nut earrings (ecvn13)
Hand crafted tagua nut earrings, different colors
Price $1.85
Tagua Earrings
Tagua Earrings (ecvn01)
Colored tagua nut earrings, handmade jewelry
Price $1.85
Tagua Nut Earrings
Tagua Nut Earrings (ecvn02)
Colorful tagua nut handmade earrings, different models
Price $1.85
Tiny tagua earrings
Tiny tagua earrings (ecuw)
Tagua nut earrings of tiny size, diameter 0.8 cm
Price $1.55
Tagua Earrings
Tagua Earrings (tag)
Tagua earrings with animal figurines
Price $2.75
Tagua earrings
Tagua earrings (echz)
Tagua nut earrings
Price $1.85
Tagua colored earrings
Tagua colored earrings (ecuw02)
Round tagua nut earrings, diameter 1 cm.
Price $1.65
Tagua earrings
Tagua earrings (ecia)
Earrings carved of tagua nut, variety of different colors.
Price $1.45