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Category > Jewelry > Earrings
Material > Tagua
Tagua Earrings (tag)
Category: Earrings, Material: Tagua

Pair of earrings hand carved in shape of different tropical animals of Ecuador, also animals known worldwide, such as elephant. There is big variety of different models. Tagua nut is known as vegetal ivory.


**Interesting Facts and Curiosities about Animal Tagua Earrings**

Do you know that Animal Tagua Earrings blend fashion and eco-consciousness? Handcrafted from sustainable tagua seeds, they mirror real ivory's allure without harming animals. These exquisite earrings come to life through artisans' intricate carving, offering a guilt-free accessory option. From vibrant animals to delicate leaves, each piece is a wearable work of art. With tagua supporting artisans and wildlife, these earrings don't just adorn, they advocate.

Average Weight: 4 grams
Price $2.55
Available in Stock: 534
Amount: (max 534)
Price of 5 is: $ 12.75
Weight is: 20 grams

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