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Different products for decoration of the table

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Knife (ecny)
Knife hand carved of jade stone, size 20 cm
Price $18
Nephrite stone crusher
Nephrite stone crusher (ecuu02)
Stone crusher made of natural nephrite stone, size 7.5 cm
Price $20
Leather covers
Leather covers (ecjg)
Leather table covers
Price $9
Tiny stone crusher
Tiny stone crusher (ecuu01)
Stone crusher tiny size hand carved of natural nephrite stone
Price $12
Stands for napkins
Stands for napkins (ecab)
Stands for napkins, tropical colors
Price $6
Small stone crusher
Small stone crusher (ecmk)
Stone crusher, diameter 7.5 cm, height 4 cm
Price $10
Fish plate
Fish plate (bndj)
Carved wooden plate with fish picture
Price $21
Wooden cup
Wooden cup (copa)
Wooden cup, hand carved, Ecuador art
Price $15
Candlestick (cand)
Wooden candlestick, lenght 20 cm
Price $15
Wooden spoon
Wooden spoon (spe3)
Wooden handcarved spoon
Price $2.50