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Category > Clothes

Panama hat
Panama hat (ecpk)
Panama hat, made of toquilla straw, different sizes to choose. For bulk purchase check Panama hats catalog.
Price $29.95
Yellow straw hat
Yellow straw hat (ecpk01b)
Yellow color toquilla straw Panama hat
Price $29.95
Alpaca socks
Alpaca socks (nonc)
Soft alpaca wool socks
Price $4.50
Sky blue straw hat
Sky blue straw hat (ecpk01a)
Toquilla straw hat of light blue color
Price $29.95
Pink toquilla straw hat
Pink toquilla straw hat (ecpk01d)
Hand woven toquilla straw hat of pink color
Price $29.95
Gloves for men
Gloves for men (prcd)
Gloves for men, natural colors
Price $1.50
Colorful Children Sweaters
Colorful Children Sweaters (ccsw)
sizes 0,2,4,6,8
Price $14.95
Alpaca hats
Alpaca hats (haek)
Alpaca woven hats for women
Price $3
Alpaca socks
Alpaca socks (noco)
Soft color alpaca socks
Price $4.25
Color gloves
Color gloves (pcti)
Soft color gloves of alpaca wool
Price $2.75