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Traditional ethnic and tribal Indian music instruments of Ecuador

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Pan flute
Pan flute (wobq02)
Bamboo pan flute with two layers. Size 30x12x4 cm.
Price $4.38
Antara musical instrument
Antara musical instrument (latk02)
Antara musical instrument size 11x7cm, brown color
Price $1.25
Tambourine (pand01)
Tambourine with diameter of wood 12.5cm
Price $10
Tambourine, pandereta
Tambourine, pandereta (pand02)
Tambourine with diameter of wood 16.5cm
Price $12.50
Antara (ecdn02)
Antara bamboo musical instrument size 30x21cm, brown color
Price $3.75
Round antara
Round antara (wobq03)
Round antara handmade of bamboo, size 15x13cm
Price $2.50
Antara, zamponia
Antara, zamponia (wobq04)
Antara or zamponia, traditional music instrument, size 16x14cm
Price $3.12
Siku (wobq05)
Siku, music instrument, handmade of bamboo, size 16x8x3cm
Price $2.50
Siku musical instrument
Siku musical instrument (wobq06)
Handmade musical instrument, siku, bamboo, 15.5x9x3cm
Price $3.75