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Home decor products, handmade in Ecuador

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Tagua Figurines
Tagua Figurines (tagf)
Small figurines made of tagua, vegetal ivory
Price $2.05
Small tucans
Small tucans (ecac)
Small tucans, height 7 cm
Price $5.30
Small parrots
Small parrots (ecaj)
Small parrots, height 7 cm
Price $5.25
Magnet fridges
Magnet fridges (ecjh)
Magnet fridges, round. Ecuadorian images.
Price $1.25
Small ceramic decorations
Small ceramic decorations (echt)
Small ceramic decorations with Ecuadorian pictures.
Price $2.38
Owls carvings
Owls carvings (ecxd)
Balsa wood owls carvings
Price $5.25
Tropical fishes
Tropical fishes (ecaa)
Tropical wooden fishes, size 10 cm
Price $7.25
Small wooden frogs
Small wooden frogs (ecxf)
Balsa wood frogs hand carved in Ecuador
Price $5.25
Parrot (ecas)
Wooden parrot, height 10 cm
Price $5.25
Balsa turtle
Balsa turtle (ecub03)
Balsa wood turtle, size 10x7x7cm
Price $5.25