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Category > Jewelry > Jewelry Beads
Material > Tagua
Colored Tagua Pieces (ecvy21)
Category: Jewelry Beads, Material: Tagua

Colored tagua nut pieces, hand carved and painted. Size of each piece 1.5-2.5cm. Price per piece.


**Interesting Facts and Curiosities about Colored Tagua Pieces Chips for Jewelry from Ecuador**

Do you know that colored tagua pieces chips from Ecuador are more than just jewelry components? Discover their fascinating world:

Colored tagua pieces chips for jewelry are a testament to nature's artistry and Ecuador's artisanal finesse. Embrace their beauty, ethics, and versatility in your jewelry collection.

Average Weight: 2 grams
Price $0.25
Available in Stock: 9788
Amount: (max 9788)
Price of 12 is: $ 3
Weight is: 24 grams

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