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Category > Jewelry > Necklaces
Material > Tagua
Animal Necklaces (cotg)
Category: Necklaces, Material: Tagua

Tagua nut carved pendants of different animals. Hand carved jewelry from Ecuador.


Interesting Facts and Curiosities about Tagua Animal Necklaces

Do you know about the captivating world of Tagua Animal Necklaces? These exquisite accessories are crafted from the seeds of the tagua palm tree, often referred to as "vegetable ivory." Tagua seeds mimic real ivory, but here's the twist – they're eco-friendly and sustainable!

Tagua animal necklaces harmonize style, artistry, and conservation in a single accessory. Adorn yourself with nature's beauty – wear Tagua Animal Necklaces!

Average Weight: 7 grams
Price $2.55
Available in Stock: 827
Amount: (max 827)
Price of 5 is: $ 12.75
Weight is: 35 grams

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